山麓園 (Sanroku-en) - August 18, 2015


It was a cozy Japanese restaurant. There are something special, they are its foods and atmosphere.

This restaurant serves Japanese style barbecue, namely ''Robata-yaki'' in Japanese, which originated from northern part of Japan. We, even if Japanese, usually don't see "Robata-yaki" and its “Irori” fireplace. Of course, foods are fresh and delicious.

Regarding atmosphere, the owner said the house had been used at Hida, Gifu-prefecture, which is a snowy region, for more than 100 years before it was moved to its current location at Yamanashi-prefecture for the restaurant. This is also that we usually cannot see such a very old building.

If you visit there, you can feel an old Japanese style house atmosphere and its history, and the gorgeous barbecue.

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