座間のひまわり (Sunflower festival in Zama) - August 13, 2017

SONY NEX-5R with SEL35F18 (f/14, 1/80 sec., ISO-100, 35 mm)


座間のひまわりまつりは、神奈川県座間市で毎年開催されるひまわりの祭典です。 首都圏随一の規模(総面積5.5ha以上)を誇るひまわり畑で一面のひまわりを堪能できます。 種まきの時期をずらして7月下旬に栗原会場(約10万本)と8月中旬に座間会場(約45万本)が見頃を迎えます。 座間会場には売店が出展されたり、イベントなどもあり、ご家族でも楽しめます。


Sunflower Festival in zama

Sunflower festival is hold every year in Zama-city, Kanagawa-Prefecture. You can enjoy a carpet of sunflowers in the sunflower field where is one of the largest field (more than 5.5 hectares of land) around Tokyo. The end of July and the middle of August are at their best in Kurihara site (about 100,000 sunflowers) and Zama site (about 450,000 sunflowers), respectively. There are some stalls and events in Zama site, so you would be fun with your family.

I went there by my car and arrived at 9 AM, but it took about 15-30 minutes because of congestion for parking. If you go by a car, you should leave home in the early morning.

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